Costs of New Windows by Milgard

Replacement windows by Milgard represent the benchmark in value, quality and aesthetics in replacement windows. Window costs always vary by factors such as shape, size, energy efficiency features, and additional options. The costs, however, are consistently competitive with Milgard—they refuse to be undersold.

The average window costs for replacement windows by Milgard are typically as follows:

Wooden windows are generally anywhere between $250 and up. These consist of many different styles, such as casement, double-hung, awning, bay window, and gliding.
Fiberglass windows are sometimes considered the crème de la crème of windows. They typically have better longevity and durability than other windows, like older wooden installations, and often are made to duplicate the look of natural wood. They typically run about $300 to $525 a window.
Milgard’ s aluminum windows are virtually maintenance-free, built with a high-performance, thermal-break frame design, and typically cost no more than wooden windows at about $200 to $300 per window.
That’ s only a sampling of the vast selection of San Diego replacement windows by Milgard. For more specific window prices, request a price quote right here from our expert customer service team.

Federal Tax Credit for Replacement Windows
Don’ t miss out on the Federal tax savings on all energy efficient replacement windows. Through December 31, each year, the government is giving back homeowners $ for the cost of new installations—as long as they meet minimum energy rating standards. All Milgard windows are energy-efficient and most qualify for this great incentive. Plus, from time to time, even the manufacturer will offer substantial rebates—saving you tons.

Types of Windows by Milgard
Milgard has a window style, size, and material to fit every budget and accommodate virtually any room. Let’ s take a brief look at some of the innovative products that Milgard offers.

Milgard’ s Quiet Line series offers all of the energy-efficiency, durability, and beauty that normal vinyl or wood windows do—but with a special feature that cuts exterior noise by up to 30% more. If you’re like most in southern California, you live around a busy highway or noisy airport in the San Diego or Los Angeles area. Quiet Line windows are perfect for that room that suffers from too much noise on the outside.
Milgard’ s line of Tuscany Replacement Windows is made of proven vinyl. While vinyl doesn’ t have quite the noise-reducing capabilities as the former, it does offer superior energy-efficiency features. Additionally, vinyl windows are probably among the type of window with the widest assortment of choices that Milgard offers.
Wooden windows from Milgard are a very popular choice among homeowners. They come in a variety of beautiful styles, are highly-energy efficient, and are light-years ahead of older wooden windows in terms of longevity and durability. Part of the reason for that is because the exterior portion of Milgard’ s wood windows is made from fiberglass. Weather elements stand no chance against a material like that.
Again, make sure to get price quotes on specific window costs and compare them to get the best deal. We will set you up with three cost estimates for new windows right here—in a matter of minutes.

Why are Milgard Windows Recommended for Homeowners?
Sunny areas with its Mediterranean to Arid climate, is one of the best ocean-side communities to live in year-round. However, as locals here will tell you, keeping the home cool in the many warm months of the year can be a real challenge. That’ s why energy-efficient windows are more than ideal.

All Milgard windows have minimum energy standards, as well as other great features and characteristics—some that you just wont find elsewhere, at least not as standard equipment.

These features include:

  • Energy-Star ratings on all replacement windows
  • The $1,500 federal rebate incentive
  • Only the best quality of materials and installations
  • Significant energy savings via technologies like dual-pane Argon gas or Low-E windows
  • Single, double, and triple-glazed low- or high-gain windows

How to Get Price Quotes and Compare
Don’ t wait until the federal tax savings expire at the end of the year. Fill out our short form right here to receive a few price quotes on your own custom window project. No matter the number of windows you’ d like to install, our installers will get the job done right the first time.