A Quick Insider Guide On Professional Roof Inspections

A Quick Insider Guide On Professional Roof Inspections

A roof is one of the most crucial parts of a home’s structure. To ensure safety for the occupants, it’s important to schedule a roof inspection from time to time.  Although some roofing problems only require a quick fix,  a concise inspection is vital. A professional roof inspection should be conducted at least once per year and is the only way to get a fair assessment of any problems you may have. Inspections are especially important after a violent storm.

Why Hire a Professional?

When hiring a professional, you can expect a thorough assessment of your roof and nothing will be left to chance. Missing one small detail can lead to major property damage in the long run.  A professional roofer has the trained eye necessary to pinpoint anything out of the ordinary, including areas of weakness and leaks simply by looking from the ground. However, most professionals will actually get onto the roof the check. 

What Will An Inspector Look At?

Professional inspections will often start in your attic, so you might have to be home.  Inspection of the ceiling will be done in the attic to check for any staining, cracks, dampness and more. The level of moisture and mold will be evaluated, as well as your ventilation and insulation properties.

A full exterior inspection will then be conducted and the inspector will examine all your roofing details and exposed equipment. The shingles will be checked to see if any are missing. They will also be checked to see if any are blistered, curled, or split. Seals on the skylight,  roof dividers, and expansion points will be checked for any leaks. The flashing will be inspected around the plumbing vents and chimney to check for any corrosion or gaps between them. Other than this, a qualified roofer will be able to identify any structural damage and deformities outside surface of the roof that requires action to correct.

How Much Will It Cost To inspect My Roof?

The price of a roof inspection will completely consist of labor and determined by square footage rather than the number of hours worked. On average, every 1,000 square foot can cost anything between $50 – $100. If the inspector needs to create a detailed report, the fee can increase by an additional $100.

Factors That Can Influence The Cost

Although not evident on the bill, you will also be paying for a professional’s equipment, vehicles, and insurance. Other factors that might end up increasing the price of your inspection includes type, pitch, age, dimensions, and height which make inspections more difficult.

Compare Inspection Quotes

Inspection methods differ depending on the type of roof you have as well as the region that you live in. The only way to get a precise idea of what a roof inspection might cost you is to compare several quotes from local contractors.

Remember, when you are buying or selling a home, it is important to know the age and condition of your roof. Many owners pay for repairs that are covered under a contractor or manufacturer’s warranty, so before you run the risk of massive damage to your property and its structure, get in touch with a roofing contractor to inspect your roof regularly.