What Will It Cost To Clean My Roof?

What Will It Cost To Clean My Roof?

The exterior of your home is exposed for all to see.  Homeowners can benefit in many different ways from having their roof professionally cleaned from time to time. A poorly maintained roof reflect heavily on your images,  so ensuring higher curb appeal should be high on your list of priorities. Ensuring that your roof is cleaned regularly will also guarantee its longevity and, moreover, ensure the best return on investment if you are ever in the market to sell.

Roof Cleaning Factors To Consider

The cost of roof cleaning will be influenced by many different factors. Firstly, the size of your roof, its specific design, the height and its slope. Some roofs are harder to access and a contractor might need specialized equipment, tools, and safety devices. Contractors will also charge more if you have a tall home with multiple stories.  The risk of injury will increase insurance rates and, therefore, the overall rate of cleaning.

The location of your home will also affect the price of cleaning. If you are surrounded by a lot of trees, you may have an excessive amount of leaves and branches collecting on your roof. If you live near the ocean, you might have excessive salt deposits. Snow and sleet are also factors that could affect the cost, similar to thick moss or algae build-up.  A fungus is more likely to grow on shingles in a moist climate or a property with many tall trees. This is why people in arid places like Utah or Arizona typically spend less money to keep their roofs clean.

How Much Will It Cost To Clean My Roof?

Although it is possible to clean a roof yourself, professionals have access to stronger cleaning products and tools. Therefore, it’s always recommended that you get the professional assistance of you want to be sure of a precise cleaning job. Also, remember that the best time to clean a roof is in the summer months, so be sure to plan accordingly.

On the low end, expect to pay anywhere in the region of about $150. However, most people can expect to pay roughly $270 – $540 to have some professional cleaning done. On the high-end, some homeowners can expect to pay in the region of $750 – $850.

If you would like to get a more accurate estimate of what it will cost to clean your roof, you should compare some local estimates from cleaning contractors. Be sure to compare several quotes so that you not only avoid being overcharged but also get a good feel for which contractor will be best for your particular project.

Most roofs come with a warranty of anywhere between 10-30 years. In some cases, cleaning will be done alongside minor repairs, and this may be covered under your warranty so be sure to check.