Compare Best Walk in Baths And Tub Types For Your Home

It is very easy to take for granted simple acts that we do everyday such as getting in and out of the bathtub. For those of us who are young, this is a task that we accomplish with relative ease without even worrying about it.  But there is a wide section of the population that does not enjoy this simple luxury mostly because they are physically limited in one way or another. Take for instance, senior citizens. Contrary to popular belief that they could be suffering from some form or another of rheumatoid arthritis, there are those who are unable to get into the bathtub without special assistance simply because they are too old. With old age, the joints become stiff in some cases. Then there are those who suffer from arthritis of one format or another. Arthritis is a painful inflammation of the joints that makes movement an excruciatingly painful experience.

Then there are those who are not old but are also physically limited in one way or another. They could have been born with a crippling birth defect that stops them from being able to make normal movements. There are also those who have become paralyzed due to one reason or another and are now bound to wheelchairs. All these people need special assistance to get in and out of the shower or bathtub. Before the advent of walk-in tubs and baths, people with these kinds of mobility issues had to be physically carried in and out of the tab.

Because there are different types of physical ailments that stop some people from finding it easy to enter into a bathtub, there are different-sized tubs in the market, namely Safety Tubs® which can fit in just about any space. For the largest and roomiest soaking experience, there are 60″ long x 32″ wide walk-in tub and baths. For traditionally sized bathrooms, there are 51″ long x 30″ wide walk-in bath. For bathrooms that would benefit from a tub taking up less space, you can find a 51″ long x 26″ wide walk-in bathtub.

In addition to three different walk-in tub sizes, there are extension kits that ensure that the tub fits the required standard and custom spaces. These can be comprised of  20″ width panel which is adjustable and which fits perfectly between the end of the tub and the wall.

There are many types of walk-in tubs and baths. This is because there are many ailments and types of physical limitations. The walk-in shower or bath is the most basic and standard and simple to operate. The shower or bath is taken in an upright position and there is no need to sit. This are already in-built in many homes. Then there is the walk-in bathtub. At first glance, this looks like a regular bathtub but on closer examination, one realizes that there is a door cut on the side. That means there is no lifting of oneself, which was difficult for people with physical impairments.